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Web application development keeps on developing and make awesome steps with each passing day. It’s a harmonious association with the business world where the online nearness has turned out to be colossally basic to the survival of the business. Past survival, it is the subject of manageability that decides your survival and decides how your business will keep on expanding.

Glancing back at how innovation and business is hitched, it is very obvious that the approach of responsive web design was the consequence of the generation of numerous gadgets, for example, iPad, iPhone, Tablets, and portable workstations. Every gadget has its own arrangement of imperatives, program, and screen determination necessities. Responsive client configuration essentially implies that the plan ought to have the capacity to adjust to the client’s innovative condition. Web application development is now easy with your requirement.

This incorporates lattice design, utilization of CSS, media and every one of the segments that make up the earth in totality. Such online arrangements utilizing Java and PHP web development, WordPress website development. Likewise recall that we live in a globalized world where we have to consider social needs and dialect prerequisites. The issue is settled by various dialect decisions that empower associations and engineers to use to meet the vital and business needs.

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Propelled innovations have a positive effect by making systems with adaptability and can be adjusted to the distinctive business needs. Online business is one of the greatest markets today and also web application development for business. Nobody has room schedule-wise to look into retail shops. Solace manages the present time starved age. With a press of a catch, we can arrange our items and it is conveyed with the item and quality in place under a specific measure of time.

This gives us the chance to utilize this time for different needs. So the present web applications development need to guarantee there is an installment portal and data put away is secure. Consequently a security evaluation of your web applications is basic as it can trade off your whole association, business, and clients.

This involves all the experts from the cross functional departments such as testers, quality assurance team members, developers, application security developers to test the entire web application development suite and ensure it is in line with the current existing standards to eliminate application vulnerability threats effectively. Codefingers technology provide you web application development service.

Vulnerability testing means prioritizing the threats that need to be addressed either from a configuration perspective or from a web application development standpoint based on the technological and business logic. The team must carry out a risk response plan once the risks have been identified. Then prioritize the risk based on the highest impact on the organization and down to the least impact.

The next logical step is figuring out the effort estimation to fix these errors. You start by addressing the most critical defect that demands the teams’ time and work your way down to medium sized defects and finally the lowest defect.




Nowadays, the use of smartphones has been revolutionized greatly around the world. With the increasing usage of the mobile phones and technology, it has become must to use with the android app development service with the business. With the android app development service it helps the business to remain updated and keep them at the top.

Android app development service helps to make customers get engaged with your products and offers.

For this Codefingers Technology provides you with the android app development service.

Android app development service
                                     Android app development service- Codefingers Technology

Every business with android app development service gets a faster rate of growth to their business.

Meanwhile, it is now a growing trend in every business. Codefingers Technology, provides with the best software services.

Software development services include android app development, web development, game development as well as eCommerce web development with SEO services.

Get your android application developed today with Codefingers Technology. With creative ideas and rich experience, our team of android app development will integrate and sync their ideas into app. We are also well equipped by dealing with the cloud technology

Secondly, comes the security of the app. Not only with the android app development, we also prioritize with the security of the app. We lay special emphasis on the security of your app.

We, at Codefingers technology provide you with the best capabilities as well as features for your android app development service.

Increase your income with call-to-action with the android app development.

With your android app development as well as web development, be in touch with your customers.

With the mobile application development, it will maximize your profit conveying your business goals. Make a user friendly UI for your mobile app development with Codefingers Technology.

Get your app developed today with Codefingers Technology. A complete guide to your business as well as providing best solution- Codefingers Technology.




Nowadays, ecommerce has became one of the most popular to make money online. With ecommerce website development it has became one of the most cost effective as compared to the brick and mortar store.When you are selling your product online then your ecommerce website is one of the most important point to consider with your business.

Codefingers Technology, a leading software company helps you out for building your online store with eCommerce website development service. With Codefingers technology get a great user experience UI for your eCommerce website.

Ecommerce website development- Codefingers Technology
                                        Ecommerce website development- Codefingers Technology

Here are some of the tips to consider with the ecommerce website development making it user friendly

 1- Don’t Hurry with ecommerce website development- Many of the entrepreneur or start ups rush to launch their eCommerce website. Because just launching your website is not a point. Your website should be user friendly as well as SEO friendly.

We at Codefingers Technology, built your ecommerce website development with SEO services. Content management is also one of the important point to consider with eCommerce website development

2- Focus on your target audience: Always focus on the target audience with your eCommerce website. Your customers are always looking for some offers on your website or free shipping. This is the best way of getting more audience to your website with eCommerce website development

3-Testing: Testing is one of the most important point that every businessman should consider.

Codefingers Technology provides you the services such as website development, android app development, iphone app development as well as ipad app development.

 How we work??

  • Requirement Gathering as well as Analysis
  • Design as well as Development
  • Quality Assurance as well as Testing
  • Implementation as well as Deployment
  • Maintenance as well as Support

 4-Keep it simple

 Keep the processing or the flow of the website as simple as possible. Codefingers Technology helps you to build the website where your customers can easily navigate with your website.

Develop your eCommerce website today and build up with your online store. Why wait!!! We are happy to help you out. Contact us today



Many of the business lack behind due to website. What is actually website?? Website is nothing but your business been represented in the form of web pages. These solutions you will be getting with the help of web development company- Codefingers Technology. Codefingers Technology, a web development company as well as software development company with complete solution to your business.

Don’t you think you are loosing business opportunity without a website?? We , the web development company accomplish you with different marketing strategies to help your business grow.

With codefingers technology, web development company you will know where your customers are.

How web development company help you with business solutions??

web development company
                                     Web Development Company- Grow your business

 Make your website cost effective: Codefingers Technology provides you with the cost effective website as well as user friendly. There are tremendous benefits to develop a business website. Its like your business is now live on the globe.

User Friendly and accessible around the clock: The main benefit with the website development is that your business will be available 24*7. With your website development your clients can easily access with your services as well as offers.

Convenient: Let’s consider if your client or customer wants to check out for the product. And it’s not possible to visit your store or company. Then with the website development your client can easily check out with the products and services on your website.

Marketing Strategies: Increase your marketing with codefingers technology. Not only with the web development, but we also provide with different software services. It includes game development, iphone/Ipad application development, android application development as well as other services.

Why Codefingers Technology??

With the wide range of technology and rich experience we help our client to get the perfect business solution with the web development. We provide the services in web development, android application development, iphone/ipad application development. With our rich experience and the latest methodologies we at Codefingers technology deliver a flexible product to our clients and render with the value added services.

For all business whether it is a start-up or an interpreter we provide services in web development, android application development, as well as iphone/ipad application development. If you are looking to build your own website for your business then connect with us today. We are glad to help you.